April 5, 2019

Kevin is a wonderful man, and his group does an awesome job. They truly care for the families they help!!
Rita Manno


October 15, 2018

I attended the Kaczor Kids Fund Raiser yesterday, and I must tell you, that was the most organized event I have ever been to. Writing the wrist band numbers on the tickets was brilliant! So easy to look for the winning numbers on the wall displays, (I won a great item, so I know it works well). Great job, and since I attend a lot of fund raisers, I will be passing your name on to those who need organization!
Lorraine Griffin


April 30, 2005

There are almost no words that can express our gratitude to you for making “4 the Love of Daniel” an unbelievable success. When we realized that we needed to put together a benefit, we were almost overwhelmed with the task at hand. I use the word almost because we were fortunate enough to have been introduced to Kevin Healy.
Your knowledge, guidance and constant encouragement were what made us achieve more than we could have imagined. You were even able to keep a large and sometimes unruly (but fun) family focused at the task at hand. We learned more about true kindness and selfless dedication from you, this stranger that came into our lives and helped guide us to our goal. You might have come into our lives as a stranger, but you are family now.
We have attended many benefits and yours are easy recognizable. They’re the well-organized, successful ones. I can’t imagine anyone running a benefit without you.
The Ramsden Family
Lale Ramsden Heyn


April 26, 2003

Kevin brought our family and friends together to have a benefit for our undiagnosed son. Kevin is a true friend, honest and caring. The benefit was a huge success. Because of the benefit our son has been placed in the best position for him to succeed in life. The benefit allows us to provide therapies, doctor visits, and equipment not covered by insurance. Kevin is professional and delivers what he promises. We our truly grateful and blessed having Kevin in our lives.
There is also a great article written about Healy in the Chicago SunTimes, June 1, 2007 called the king of kindness.
Dennis Lamb

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